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      Home Company Production Equipment
      Production Equipment
      Calibration equipment    

      DWM2000 calibration equipment

      H series liquid calibration equipment


      Temperature meter calibration equipment

      H series gas calibration equipment


      DK32 / 34/37 calibration equipment


      DW18 calibration equipment


      Vortex standard equipment


      Vortex small diameter water standard equipment

      CNC equipment    

      Yamazaki Mazak


      Turning and milling complex lathe


      CNC machining center


      Japan double spindle automatic lathe

      Welding equipment    

      Semi - automatic circular welder

      RNS-DV200 Double head welder

      Automatic vertical rotary welding machine

      Cleaning equipment

      Stainless steel cleaning equipment


      Aluminum casting cleaning equipment

      Pressure, sandblasting equipment    

      Automatic compression test device


      Double - bit sandblasting machine

      Pack the equipment

      Automatic baler with weighing


      Plastic machine