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      Service for the whole country
      Sales Network
      Chengde Rehe-KROHNE Meters Co., LTD. Sincerely for the various trades users with advanced instruments and satisfactory service. We perfect sale network cover all over the country, for the convenience of satisfying the needs of the customers, our company has divided into the following sales area:
      Chengde Rehe-KROHNE Meters CO.,LTD Beijing Branch
      Address: Chengde high-tech development zone Address: Beijing chaoyang district wangjingfutong east street FangHeng international block B 702-707
      Postcode: 067000 Postcode: 100102
      Tel: 0314-2120930 2120940 2120875 Tel: 010-84785576-621
      Fax: 0314-2120920 2120077 Fax: 010-84785476
      E-mail: llh@rehe-krohne.com E-mail: yjf@rehe-krohne.com
      Shanghai Office Xinjiang Office
      Address: Shanghai changning road No.125,Junzilan flat 15A Address: Urumqi yangzijiang road No.213 red October garden east No.2 area 10# 2-601
      Postcode: 200042 Postcode: 830000
      Tel: 021-62408911 Tel: 0991-4523018
      Fax: 021-62516350 Fax: 0991-4523018
      E-mail: shanghai@rehe-krohne.com E-mail: yzh@rehe-krohne.com
      xi 'an Office
      Shenyang Office
      Address: Shaanxi xi 'an yanta district ,minjie road No.25, fenglinhuafu 3# 2-202 Address: Shenyang Tiexi district ,yunfeng street No. 42-2
      Postcode: 710077 Postcode: 110025
      Tel: 029-89341396 Tel: 024-25652860
      Fax: 029-89341396 Fax: 024-25652860
      E-mail£º crf@rehe-krohne.com E-mail£º xzq@rehe-krohne .com
      Nanjing Office Chengdu Office
      Address: Nanjing qixia district£¬maigaqiao street, heyan road No.289£¬jinhua building Room 2006 Address: Chengdu wuhou district xinxiwang road jinguanxincheng west district danguiyuan E804
      Tel: 025-86523882 Tel: 028-85051059
      Fax: 025-86523882 Fax: 028-85051059
      E-mail: lxj@rehe-krohne.com E-mail: mhj@rehe-krohne.com
      Guangzhou Office Baotou Office
      Address: Guangzhou tianhe district tianhe north road No.251 huiyayuan A-1507 Address: Baotou kundulun district kaixuan central park 5# 3-3108
      Tel: 020-38905982 Tel: 0472-2124516
      Fax: 020-38905982 Fax: 0472-2124516
      E-mail: shj@rehe-krohne.com E-mail: ljy@rehe-krohne.com
      Beijing,Tianjin,Yanshan,Hebei Shanghai,Zhejiang
      Contact: Yin JingFeng Contact: Song XiaoYou
      Tel: 13603143026 Tel: 13917369240
      E-mail: yjf@rehe-krohne.com E-mail: sxy@rehe-krohne.com
      Ningxia,Shanxi,Neimeng Heilongjiang,Jilin,Liaoning,Shandong
      Contact: Li JinYong Contact: Xu ZhenQi
      Tel: 15803344591 Tel: 13932439908
      E-mail: ljy@rehe-krohne.com E-mail: xzq@rehe-krohne.com
      Shanxi,Henan,QingHai,Gansu Jiangsu,Hubei,Hunan,Anhui
      Contact: Chang RuiFeng Contact: Li XiaoJing
      Tel: 13603141686 Tel: 13931419600
      E-mail: crf@rehe-krohne.com E-mail: lxj@rehe-krohne.com
      Guangdong,Guangxi,Fujian,Hainan,Jiangxi Sichuan,Chongqing,Yunnan,Guizhou
      Contact: Shi HaiJiang Contact: Ma HongJun
      Tel: 13903246562 Tel: 13903146703
      E-mail: shj@rehe-krohne.com E-mail: mhj@rehe-krohne.com