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      Chengde Rehe-KROHNE Meters CO., LTD.
      KROHNE offers supporting products and services for one-stop-shopping and in industries as widespread as oil & gas, water & wastewater, chemical & petrochemical, food & beverage, power, minerals & mining and marine.
       Contact details
      Chengde Rehe-KROHNE Meters Co.,Ltd.
      Chengde High-tech development Zone,HeBei.
      WuLie road 169
      Tel: 0314 - 2120930
      0314 - 2120940
      0314 - 2120875
      Fax: 0314 - 2120920
      0314 - 2120077
      E-mail: llh@rehe-krohne.com
      Internet: http://www.shans2hotel.com
      OPTIBAR DP 7060 C   Pressure Measurement - OPTIBAR DP 7060C
        Differential pressure transmitter for measuring flow, level, differential pressure, density and interface
      High accuracy and measurement stability under all process conditions
      Fast response time
      Modular converter platform for all applications
      Process temperatures up to 150C / 302F without diaphragm seal
      Vortex Flowmeter C OPTISWIRL 4200   Vortex Flowmeter C OPTISWIRL 4200
      Development acc. to IEC 61508 edition 2
      Advanced technology for signal filtering C AVFD (Advanced Vortex Frequency Detection)
      Integrated pressure and temperature compensation
      Temperature compensation for saturated steam included as standard
      Integrated gross and net heat calculation for steam and hot water
      Comprehensive communication options
      Field mounted version with cable length up to 50 m / 164 ft
      Integrated reduction of nominal size
      Measurement of conductive and non-conductive liquids, gases and steam
      Product Releases
      Thanks to its rugged design and the sensor backup function, the OPTITEMP TT 51 temperature transmitter fulfils its duties reliably and precisely, especially over the long term. External influences such as the ambient temperature, vibrations, moisture or electromagnetic disturbances have almost no influence on the measuring result.